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Social Projection

Here you can find the social projection programs of the Catholic University of Colombia.

Legal Aid Office – Faculty of Law

The Catholic University of Colombia Legal Aid Office was established by the Agreement No. 18, issued on the 14th June 1976 by the Superior Court of the Judicial District of Bogota.

The Legal Aid Office main purpose is to provide students with practical training to give them the pragmatic knowledge they need to pursue law affairs. In order to carry this out, the Legal Aid Office has been incorporated into the last four semesters of the Law program curriculum. Legal Aid trainees act as litigants over the practice of the Decree 196 of 1971 and the regulations that had modified it. These regulations include the Decrees 765 of 1977, 3200 of 1979 and the Law 583 of 2000.

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Entrepreneurship Program

The Catholic University of Colombia Entrepreneurship Program intends to foster an instutional culture aimed at promoting innovative ideas to contribute to Colombian development. Furthermore, the program wants to train competent leaders, providing them with the tools and perspectives needed to thrive in their professional lives.

The University, as a regional source of knowledge, wants to articulate efforts in order to create value by training competent individuals to make part of the economic development of our country. By focusing their actions and their ideas on this, students can create new opportunities of improvement and social inclusion.

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University Extension Direction

The Catholic University of Colombia understands and assumes extension education as a practical function that interprets, articulates and manages relationships between the University and its surroundings. It intends to enhance its suitability and academic viability, as well as to reflect its identity before the society in order to contribute to an integral construction of the country.

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Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is based on the personal and collective commitment to institutional principles and moral values, fostering equity and common wealth from the establishment of relationships and links among three main aspects: person’s conditions, communities in society and knowledge.

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Faculty of Psychology Service to the Community

The Psychological Services Unit is a section of the Faculty of Psychology that offers comprehensive counseling through individual, group, and family consultation. It promotes the improvement of its consultants’ quality of life as well as it makes a social contribution to the community. In addition, this service also develops training strategies to strengthen the university undergraduate and graduate students’ professional skills.

In harmony with its objectives of social responsibility, the Psychology Services Unit provides integral attention to the scarce economic resources population, covering the whole life cycle. It has an interdisciplinary team that includes psychology, neurology, psychiatry, occupational therapy and speech therapy.

As it ensures ethics and good professional practices, the Psychology Services Unit uses evaluation, formulation, intervention and monitoring strategies of individual and social behavior.

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