Universidad Católica de Colombia

The Catholic University of Colombia (Universidad Católica de Colombia) is a higher education institution subject to the survey and surveillance of the Ministry of Education. It is recognized by the Resolution Number 2271 of July 7th 1970 of the Ministry of Justice.

The University mission is, by essence and definition, focused on the person. Through its principles, its intellectual nature and its doctrinal richness, the University generates its own educational methods.

The Catholic University of Colombia conceives education as an intelligent and liberating action of moral kind. It shows itself as a source of intellectual and free actions. It also develops the virtue of studiositas in its community, to make students learn how to develop their thinking. By doing so, it encourages their creative and innovative capabilities, in addition to the knowledge, skills and abilities developed along their learning process.

The University contributes to dignify the human being and a social equitable development. It fosters economic and environmental sustainability through the study, the analysis and the offering of improvement proposals in order to build a fairer cultural, political and economic reality.